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A Girl, a Boy, Portland + Velvet Overalls

Explore Wear Winter

This was a pretty special trip to Portland. Not only was this trip special because of the black-velvet overalls I’ll be donning in this post, but this trip was different than other times we’ve visited Portland because this time, I was headed down there for business. My business. My baby. Moon Cycle Bakery and I have been having deeper heart-to-hearts since last April and to go on my first official “business trip” had me nervous + giddy — I’d imagine…

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Finding Persephone in Portland

Explore Fall

Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the goddess of bountiful harvest. I found her around every corner in Portland, with her long, blonde, braided ponytail lagging behind her and bright orange socks teasing around every corner she’d quickly escape behind. The leaves would take her place and take over my heart filling it with wonder and total joy. Fall in Portland is a masterpiece. Well done, Persophone, well done. Our trip to Portland came together as all great trips do —…

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Halloween: Agnes from Despicable Me + Her Unicorn

Fall Wear

We can call this Halloween costume on a budget and because I really, really wanted overalls. I searched the internet for well-known characters with bangs and it ranged from Daria to Mia Wallace to Agnes. Of course, Agnes won. Overalls. A unicorn. Not to mention one of the best characters out there — consistently optimistic and sees the best in people, loves her sisters and kitten finger puppets, and loses her shit when she sees something that makes her entirely…

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Seasonal Self-Care: Fall

Fall Holistic Living Seasons Wellness

Oh, how cyclical we are in nature. I notice shifts in my attitude, mindset and body with a change of the seasons and as I’ve gotten older, my self-care always needs a bit of a revamp with the change of seasons — a ceremony of sorts to shed my summer skin for my winter goosebumps, bare feet for heather socks and brushed shoulders for wool coats. What I found was the creation of a seasonal self-care routine that helped me feel…

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