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Apple Butter-ed Up

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Lattin’s Apple Cider Mill: A confession: For most of my life, I haven’t been much of an apple girl. I was never that girl that “went for an apple” when hunger struck. So, when I found myself living in the nation’s mecca for apples, I was shocked by the empty apple butter jar that sat in my lap only 48 hours after buying it. I was hooked. I was officially an apple girl. Bri was the one who helped me…

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Meredith Rom: Priestess of Presence

Wellness Words

Meredith is one of those people whose essence seeps into everything she does. When I first met Meredith, I had just quit my job and was in deep need of grounding and space. I remember listening to Meredith’s voice and feeling almost instantly put at ease by her melodic tones. I was sold then. After working together both one on one and through workshops, I was happy to call Meredith a friend and mentor. So, when I heard about her…

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