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A Love Story About Larabar

Holistic Living Uncategorized Wellness

The last couple of weeks have been filled to the brim with places to be and things to do. Things that make me deeply happy. Places that quiet me down long enough to hear myself breathe. People that teach me about my body, my spirit and support me in peeling back the layers to reunite with who I already know myself to be. We’ve stayed up baking until 1 am, shipped out 40+ boxes with sore feet and happy hearts.…

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Namastay Curious: Yoga Teacher Training

Holistic Living Winter Yoga

Have you ever had that moment where you feel outside of your body, looking in? A kind of witnessing and noticing with a childlike curiosity and intrigue. Only, you’re curious about yourself. You’re intrigued by your inner workings; what makes you tick, what triggers you, why you love the color yellow so much, why you carry grief in your chest. That’s yoga for me. Now, Brian has a different story. His started in high school with a joint and the…

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Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Comfort Food

Holistic Living Winter

Before I talk about why I chose to go gluten-free, let me start with this: my Dad is 100% Italian, with both parents originating from outside of Naples. This meant that growing up I was introduced to some of the best authentic, homemade Italian cooking all the way from pasta sauce and antipasti to sausage and raisin pizza (my favorite), eggplant parm and Italian cookies. The food acted as twine, binding the family together, but what resulted in the outcome of…

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Seasonal Self-Care: Fall

Fall Holistic Living Seasons Wellness

Oh, how cyclical we are in nature. I notice shifts in my attitude, mindset and body with a change of the seasons and as I’ve gotten older, my self-care always needs a bit of a revamp with the change of seasons — a ceremony of sorts to shed my summer skin for my winter goosebumps, bare feet for heather socks and brushed shoulders for wool coats. What I found was the creation of a seasonal self-care routine that helped me feel…

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