Earth Day on the Farm

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Happy Earth Day to all my soil lovers, flower mamas + tree huggers out there. I’m feeling extra alive this Earth Day because of the life that’s blooming around us. I feel like I blinked and green has filled in before my eyes.

Watching the buds form, the bugs come out of hiding, the thorns disappear has taught me a huge lesson in patience. The earth is amazing and alive and such a big part of us.

Did you know that plants have a memory like we do? A plant will get caught in a storm and learn which way it needs to bend in order to survive. It remembers which way to lean into the sun so it soaks it up. And then when that plant dies or is cut down, it grows a new one with all of that new data. That plant then learns it’s lessons, passes it down to the next plant and so on and so on.

Did you know that blackberry bushes grow in waves? They look and act like low-frequency waves, growing under the earth and over. Under and over. They are so strong and get so dense, they can flip a car.

Or that goats need to graze in order to stay alive? That they jump up on things in their pens as though they’re mountains because it reminds them of home?

I knew none of this 2-weeks ago. I knew I loved nature. I knew I felt connected there, inspired there, loved there. But what I didn’t know were the lessons we had waiting for us if we could just stop and listen.

There is no over-thinking in nature. You just are.

The other night Bri and I laid in bed in silence as we listened to the frog’s ribbit. It was like a choir or a really noisy restaurant where everyone is talking loudly, happily, and vibrantly. Happy to be where they are. Happy to be with who they’re with.

And all of a sudden it stopped.

All of it stopped at the exact same time in one instance. A few seconds later, a car drove by and once it passed, the frogs continued.

It was one of the most magical moment’s I have yet to bare witness to.

This Earth Day, I wanted to write a post about how lucky I feel to have lived in some of the most naturally stunning, life-altering places and introduce you to some of the animals on the farm. I wanted to give gratitude for the Earth and all it has to teach us, all it has given us, and the fact that it is our home. Let’s be good to it.

Our land is still filling in and feels more alive with every beam of sun that floods our deck. Soon, we’ll be able to share pictures of flowers, blackberries, and so much more. Until then, meet the goats, chickens and let’s not forget about Olive the farm dog.

With love + meraki,

Two goats and a chicken walk into a bar… Hildago on the left and Sombre on the right.

This is Basil — the sweetest most lovey and cuddly goat of all time (and the farm favorite).

Basil and his sister, Rosemary. Rosemary is Miss Independent.

Blackberry leaves starting to fill in!!

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