A Girl, a Boy, Portland + Velvet Overalls

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This was a pretty special trip to Portland. Not only was this trip special because of the black-velvet overalls I’ll be donning in this post, but this trip was different than other times we’ve visited Portland because this time, I was headed down there for business.

My business. My baby. Moon Cycle Bakery and I have been having deeper heart-to-hearts since last April and to go on my first official “business trip” had me nervous + giddy — I’d imagine it’s similar to how parents feel when they attend their first parent-teacher conference.

And then came the overalls. After our night out on Alberta street (where we missed a show we were going to see because we got so wrapped up in amazing food, stellar drinks and the best conversation with a local at the bar), before devouring Mango Alexanders and wings from Pok Pok (and getting into another deep discussion with the bartender about what makes pizza good…the crust? the sauce?), and after meeting with the truly inspiring PERIOD team + our incredibly kind + talented intern, Jenna.

The velvet overalls were the icing on the cake…and it was the 60% off kind of icing…so amazing, right? They are also seriously special because I tried them on and found every flaw with my body and why I shouldn’t get them. Brian sat with me as I pointed out each place that was less than ideal, told me I was beautiful, picked up the overalls as I walked out and secretly bought them.

I’m beyond lucky to have a man who loves me and sees me so fully and in return reminds me that I love myself in every way, too. Thank you, Bear. I love you. And these velvet overalls.


Some things that I really love about these overalls:

1. They’re velvet.

Pretty self-explanatory and I feel like velvet is one of those fabrics that doesn’t really need much explanation for someone to understand why it’s just so damn fantastic. Soft, stretchy, fabric that loves the body good. What I also love about velvet is the fact that you can easily dress this up and down. Pair with a plaid button up blouse and red heels or flats and you’ve got a holiday party look (I should remember this for a blog post down the line…) or you can also….

2. Layer it.

And wear it straight from Fall through Winter. I’ll be honest, I have a lot of clothes and especially in the winter, I only end up wearing a quarter of them. Tiny house living will do that, but it’s also the fact that all I really want are comfy, cozy choices and if that looks like my favorite sweater 3x/week, I’m going for it. Especially if I can wear said comfy sweater over comfy velvet overalls.

3. They’re Stretchy

I know I’ve mentioned this several times already, but stretchy things that are also cute and stylish deserve their own category. I mean after all, can you do this in most jeans?

Right?! Amazing. Bri gave it his best shot, but those jeans just weren’t stretchy enough…

They’re pretty cute, though <3.



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