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blog2Welcome to the Wildling roots. You’re ready to learn more. Ready to invite growth into your life. Ready to move through the fear. Which leads to the question..

What is Wildling all about?

In this blog post, you’ll find 8 values I stand by and the foundation in which we’ll work from together. Think of these roots as an energetic make up or an internal alter. Although these are big pillars in what make me so everlastingly passionate about life, they are not the only ones. There is never one size fits all for a Wildling Woman. That’s what makes a woman wild; her innate ability to love, embrace and build with herself at every stage of her beautiful and winding journey. But in order to get a good idea of what values are important to me, look below.

Good Vibes, but not “Good Vibes Only”:
I’ve been there. The days where I want to wake up fresh faced and doe eyed but instead, I lay around watching Stranger Things until 1 pm, shuffle into the kitchen for a green smoothie and walk out with a thigh of fried chicken. The thing we forget is that these type of days are o-kay. (If you need that written in ink and signed as proof, I’m your lady). We’re human; ever-growing, always finding what works and doesn’t work, and being easy on ourselves when our day of errands turns into a day of lounging in pj’s is crucial. I’m a big believer in finding the right tools to keep you in high-vibe, self-care mode. I’m also a real person who understands good vibes are great, but “good vibes only” is unreal, un-needed pressure and is a load of…you get the picture.

A Higher Power: God, a source of synchronicity, the power of Nature, Harry Potter…whatever it is that reminds you that we are here for a reason. When the going gets tough, it’s nice to know we aren’t alone physically or spiritually. In fact, it’s necessary if you’re going to buckle down and face some of your most vulnerable parts. You’ll see me refer to your higher power throughout our time together because I’m a steadfast believer that there is something much bigger than us that loves us, cares for us, and helps lead us to the truth; that we’re freakin’ awesome. Take a look at a redwood and you’ll believe it, too.

Intimacy: We’re going to get real nice and close in our sessions and I understand how terrifying that can be. But I promise you, you won’t leave a changed and better person if this doesn’t become a choice you make. Let’s get cozy.

Authenticity and Honesty: Being authentic and honest isn’t always easy. Hell, sometimes authenticity and honesty feel like a really hard Sudoku puzzle; exhausting and confusing. Still, stepping into a partnership with honesty and authenticity is the only road I’ll walk. I deserve that much. You deserve that much. We all deserve to live life the way we choose to, not deeply worried by the reactions of others. I’ll help you get there.

Fun: Let’s commit to being silly — to talking about TV shows we binge watch (Bob’s Burgers) or tips on how to nail that headstand in yoga class. Let’s crack corny jokes (You ever hear the one about the piece of rope that walked into a bar?), cheers to awkward Tindr dates, and laugh at puppy videos. Self-discovery and self-love should be fun. It won’t always be a walk in the park, but we don’t need it to be. What we do need is balance and that’s something I believe in creating.

Compassion + Love: I have been a lover since the day I was born. I insisted on arriving three weeks early on Mother’s Day, making sure I didn’t show up to my own birthday without a gift for my Mom. Love is really the best stuff out there and it will change your life…if you let it. The same goes with compassion. There will be a whole lot of that in Wildling world.

Nature: I love nature. Nature reminds me to count my blessings, to love myself, and to just enjoy life. You in no way need to be an epic backpacker, but you’ll find being open to Nature and all it has to bring will seriously change your life for the better.

Empowerment: Last but certainly not least, the key term that seems to be buzzing — empowerment. What is empowerment to you? What does it feel like in your body? How do you access it when needed? It’s cool if you don’t know, that’s what you are going to tap into. What I do know is the world needs more of it and we’re going to start creating it right. here.

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  • Loren
    September 27, 2016 at 12:34 am

    Great values to live by! xo Loren // http://www.thinkelysian.com