Hawaii 2017 // Maui + Kauai


What is there to say about Hawaii? Bri and I had visited for our first time 3 years ago, so I wasn’t expecting to get happily tangled up in the magic of the lush land this time around like a root from the slick + slippery rainforest.

I was gladly mistaken.

We returned to a place that felt like home + an island that we had spent the last 3 years talking about wanting to explore more. We kept bumping into synchronicity after synchronicity — finding out that a college friend had moved to the island only 2 months before + meeting him on the beach with lychee and beers, learning that our AirBnb was suddenly cancelled leaving us to find the most secluded, romantic + truly magical spot ever, to finding ourselves in the middle of a food forest designed and grown by a couple from the East coast (the woman comes from the town next to Brian) where I learned more about an amazing herb that helps balance women’s hormones during their cycle (the exact elements I look for while building Moon Cycle), to hiking 8 miles in 6 hours to a 300 ft waterfall and meeting a beautiful soul from Santa Cruz who we bumped into on our way out of the park several hours later and gave a ride to.

Between the clear, velvet skies with vibrant shooting stars, beautifully kind people, soothing oceans, sun soaked skin, sandy limbs, warm + soft rain, fresh fish + sweet shave ice, there’s no doubt why they call it paradise.

Grateful does not even begin to describe our feelings toward Hawaii. Those islands have some serious juju that I want to wear on my skin forever.

Part of the beautiful property we called home for a week.

He looks terrifying (and beautiful), but he was a good guy. He kept the mosquitos from getting us!

This was within the first hour or so of our hike. These flowers were welcomed hits of blue amongst so much bright + brilliant green.

Danger, danger. Abort Mission. I repeat, abort mission.

This was the turn we took to begin our next 2 miles to the falls through rocky + smily terrain, lots of bamboo + mango trees.

It began raining for those next 2 miles and didn’t stop for another 2 after that. It was such a surreal feeling, hiking through the jungles of Hawaii in constant rain.

When we looked up and finally saw our destination.

As soon as we reached the falls, we had someone take our picture, ate our PB + J’s (mine was a PB + banana sandwich from the bananas off our property), changed into our bathing suit and swam in that icy cold water. It was unbelievably refreshing. And swimming under the curtain of the waterfall was scary. It reminded me of how powerful nature is and how humble I am to be among it.

A much needed bit of beauty on our way back (mile 5.45 of 8, somewhere around hour 5) when all I wanted to do was sit for a very, very long time.

Wailea Falls

Beautiful, edible flowers from the Kauai Farmacy


I was so surprised with how big cacao is!!

This duck, his ladies + some chickens would greet us everything morning for some food. He was the silliest.

Hello, mama moon.

I’ll always love how Brian captures me.

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