Hello, 2018.

Real Life Winter Words


You met us with a broken oil burner, chimney fire, heated blankets, mama cuddles, missed flights, cancelled flights, head colds, father + daughter shared revelations, bomb cyclone, new slippers, My Cousin Vinny and so much love and gratitude.

This year feels different. This isn’t “new year, new me” — this is new year meet Devon; you have met many times before, 28 to be exact, and every time you give her a piece that she’s been wondering about.

Lately, I’ve been wondering about home. Roots. I’ve been thinking about how to create more joy in my life; active joy that soaks into my days like the sun soaks into the soil — warm to the touch and soft on the skin.

I’ve been wondering about how to release more worry and fear and embrace the unknown and the immense amount of possibilities that are swirling around my head and in my heart at any given moment.

I’ve been asking myself how I can love myself more, judge myself less and in return offer the same love to others. How can I make someone’s day? How can I remind others of their own brilliance and strength? How can I forgive quicker even when I’m scared, vulnerable and angry? How can I have gratitude for challenges and pain?

How can I do absolutely nothing and surrender completely?

Some of these questions won’t be answered this year. Some will. Some will meet me at New Year 88; some will meet me tomorrow.

But what it boils down to is what 2018 means to me, what it means for this blog, and it what it means for you, dear reader.

Because after all, it is a new year.

v a l u e s:

I believe in the power of showing up — for others, for ourselves, for each other. Consistency is something I’ve struggled with, especially when it comes to making time for things that feed my soul. Oh, how counterproductive that is, but it’s the truth. When I was in design school, our teacher explained to us the responsibility of showing up for yourself, for making time for the things that make you YOU. Not your job, or your status — but the part of you that no one can touch. Your home.

Writing lives in my home alongside photography, friends, love, physical movement, fur blankets, my Mom’s laughter, a snoring puppy…

While Moon Cycle Bakery was budding, I needed to nurture it with everything I had and because of this, I stopped showing up here. My heart suffered a little for it and even though I’m beyond happy and grateful for that decision, I still felt like I had been neglecting an essential part of who I am.

For 2018, I’ve committed to consistency, which means you can count on seeing new blog posts 1x/week. I’ll be popping up consistently on Instagram, as well, dedicating time to new photo shoots, adventures, ramblings and collaborations.

An easy and self-explanatory value, but a deeply important one. Mama Wildling will always move from a place of integrity and honesty. This may not always look pretty or perfect, but that’s not what I’m about and if you’re reading this, neither are you. Real life and words are what make me happy and I have a feeling they make you happy, too.

As the New Year rolled around, I decided that 2018 was going to be about celebration. As an easily excitable human being, I love to celebrate the big and small things that make up life. And this year, I want to share them even more with you. One step further, I want you to share them with me. I want to know all the beautiful things that unfold in your life, something that made your day or an accomplishment you’ve been working towards that has been born. Look out for more engagement via Instagram and places to comment on blog posts — celebrating you and your story is important to me.

Mama Wildling will be filling out, plumping up and embracing abundance. This will take form in 7 different ways:

More Photography:
Whenever I pick up the camera and capture an expression, a moment, an emotion, my heart floods with gratitude. Being behind the camera makes me truly happy. Taking hours to edit photos so that I can share the emotion felt when taken makes me truly happy. And because this year is all about cultivating joy, I will be taking on more clients, setting up more photoshoots and exploring unknown (by me) territory. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS, GUYS! If any of you want to spend half a day exploring the PNW and score some photos from it, I’m you’re gal.

More Wellness:
Wellness (self-care, nutrition, meditation, etc) has become a huge part of my life in the past several years and it’s something I find myself eager to share with my friends and family. In the past year, friends and family have come to me for advice on supplements, foods, meal plans, and brands to check out. I’m not a dietician or health coach; I’m simply someone who has experienced her own health challenges and dove in deep to learn about what was happening inside my body alongside Naturopaths, toxicologists and nutritionists. I will never make claims when it comes to nutrition and wellness, but I do promise to share what worked for me, what makes me happy and which brands are doing seriously amazing things for people in need.

More Yoga:
To piggyback on wellness, yoga will be taking up much more space on Mama Wildling. Yoga has been a part of my life for over 10 years and something that has drastically helped me with my anxiety, depression and overall perspective on life. Bri and I are taking it to the next level and starting 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at the end of January! We couldn’t be more excited for this experience and opportunity and promise to share it with you the entire way. The good, the bad, the downward dogs.

More Tiny House:
Tiny house living is something we navigate on a daily basis and something we rarely share. That’s about to change. We’ve heard your requests to learn more about this way of living and want to share tidbits of our life with you in regards to tiny house style, DIY’s, functionality, pros and cons, tips, etc. We’ve teamed up with several tiny house publications (including Apartment Therapy!), so keep your eyes out for more tiny talk coming soon.

More Fashion:
Expression makes me a happy bee. Fashion has always fallen under the category of expression for me and only magnified when I went to FIDM. One reason I love blogging about fashion is because of the small businesses and brands I get to highlight. Being the founder of a small business, I know how amazing it feels to be seen, supported, encouraged and loved by people from all over. Because of this, I’m going to consciously focus on highlighting small businesses and brands I feel create with integrity, heart and soul.

More Dwellings:
About a year ago, I created a series called Dwellings. It was during a time when emotions ran high (a usual occurrence for me :D) and I was trying to figure out a way to honor them while still addressing them. Enter: Dwellings.

What started as a way of processing became a way of understanding, relating and soothing. In Dwellings, I take an emotion, personify it and meet it. From there, I listen to it’s lesson for me — whether it was the fact that Discomfort had blue eyes and smelled of peppermint or Fear with his copper bucket hat and gifts of seashells. It helped to remind me that with every emotion comes a lesson and if I can meet them and understand that they are just as complex and innately good as people, they don’t feel so overwhelming, sad or scary.

I’ve started sharing bits and pieces of Dwellings and will continue to do so this year. Dwellings will become a series both on the blog and Instagram and I’m so excited to hear how it helps or impacts you.

More PNW:
Bri and I moved to the PNW almost a year ago and have barely touched the surface on it’s beauty. Most of the second half of 2017 was dedicated to birthing Moon Cycle Bakery and big adventures were put on pause. We are so excited to have a bit more room this year to explore our home and can’t wait to share it with you.

My number one desire and priority with Mama Wildling is to cultivate community. In every journal entry, equinox memo, Full Moon ritual and everyday conversation, I talk about how I want to inspire, I want to encourage and I want to create a community of loving, excited, joyful people. In doing so, I want to make room for real life to be a part of it all — I’m not about rose-colored glasses or “right answers”. I’m about walking into the woods and admiring it for all it’s beauty, serenity, bliss and sometimes it’s darkness, confusing, humbling ways. The Mama Wildling hashtag #thewoodsweshare embraces it all — the wild, the raw, the celebrations and the mysticism of life that we all share by being alive.

I’m bursting at the seams with excitement for Mama Wildling and all that she is becoming in 2018 and am SO DARN HAPPY you are here.

Happy New Year, Wildlings!! I look forward to howling with you soon.

With love and meraki,


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