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The last couple of weeks have been filled to the brim with places to be and things to do. Things that make me deeply happy. Places that quiet me down long enough to hear myself breathe. People that teach me about my body, my spirit and support me in peeling back the layers to reunite with who I already know myself to be.

We’ve stayed up baking until 1 am, shipped out 40+ boxes with sore feet and happy hearts. We’ve run into mishaps, given gratitude for them, loved each other, fought with each other, barely slept, slept in, made some seriously awesome meals, ate out several days in a row. It’s a living paradox and I’ve been learning to stay present in as much of it as possible.

The timing for this post is quite fitting, actually, as I started this journey into holistic health 7 years ago when I graduated college and came out to San Francisco. I found myself bloated, in pain and with bouts of diarrhea and constipation. It was Hell.

I used to call my parents crying, asking for help to figure out what was causing this out of nowhere. After about 6 months, I decided to try my first elimination diet and cut out all gluten, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. And that’s when Larabar entered the scene.

My sister and Mom decided they would join me on the elimination diet. A friend of my sister’s recommended Larabars and soon, they became my breakfast. After a few weeks, my body started to shift. I still struggled with stomach issues, but they were less brash and softer. I found I had more energy and most evident, more joy. I found empowerment in caring for my body and my soul and so began the journey into health, empowerment in choice and a holistic view of food.

Eventually, my Dad came to me and asked me if I had tried stopping off my birth control. He noticed the symptoms I was experiencing began not too long after I started a new form of BC. I gave it a shot and within a month, my happy gut returned. I was floored.

One of the things I love about life most is how tied together every moment is. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it never is. Moon Cycle Bakery was born out of the desire to educate people on their bodies and encourage them to listen to what it has to say. And I have Larabar to thank for that. (And my Dad. Thanks, Dad. You’re the best).

To learn about Larabar, their story, the whole ingredients they use and their product, head here. They’ve expanded and continue to create stellar, high-quality food that makes your heart as happy as your belly. My favorite is the Original Fruit + Nut Bar in Apple Pie, but holy moly their Nut & Seed bars are the perfect snack during YTT or quick breakfast before yoga class. What you don’t see is about 3 more bars and another bag of chocolates because, well, I ate them all. They’re delicious and use natural sugar!! In fact my mouth is watering as I stare at this picture.

Apple pie for breakfast it is.

With love + gratitude,

PS: Huge THANK YOU to Larabar for sending me this amazing package. It’s an honor to share your brand with the world and I’m so grateful to my sister’s friend who told my 21-year-old self to head to the nearest Walgreens and stock up on Larabars.

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