Meredith Rom: Priestess of Presence

Wellness Words

Meredith is one of those people whose essence seeps into everything she does. When I first met Meredith, I had just quit my job and was in deep need of grounding and space. I remember listening to Meredith’s voice and feeling almost instantly put at ease by her melodic tones. I was sold then.

After working together both one on one and through workshops, I was happy to call Meredith a friend and mentor. So, when I heard about her book Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India, I knew it would be filled to the brim with magic. I imagined wisdom and rhyme spilling off the pages and into my lap. I saw light and felt warmth. I imagined deep valleys where I’d come to rest and high, billowing hills that I would scream from. What I didn’t imagine is what I found when I opened the pages.

I didn’t imagine being completely hooked on every line, looking up from the pages to find that an hour had passed when it felt like 15 minutes. I didn’t imagine being able to relate so deeply with Meredith’s journey — her challenges, her struggles, her fears. I didn’t imagine having my mind blown with facts and wisdom about Buddhism, Sanskrit, yoga, India and the reflection of ourselves in all of it. I didn’t imagine learning about the loves of her lives — both physical people and places as well as eternal passions and fancies — and how they helped shape her. I didn’t imagine that I too, through reading this book, would wind up in India alongside her.

I didn’t imagine any of this and yet here I was, with my nose deeply nestled in her book, filling my lungs and pores with as much love and intentional word as I could possibly get.

This book is for people who deem themselves dreamers and practical people alike. This book will show you what you need to know, which I can assure you, you yourself don’t know yet. Meredith has weaved a tapestry of magic, insight, and trust and it will take you places you have yet to discover.

To learn more about working with Meredith, her amazing new 7-month feminine leadership initiation and high priestess sisterhood (aka “The Soverign Circle”) or to buy her book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India, head here

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