My Day As a Porcelain Doll


Modeling has brought me some serious joy over the past few years. The people I meet, the designers I marvel at, the vision that often times takes a team to bring together. It feels like doing art with a group of brilliant people who all work a different way + standing back at the finished product while everyone agrees, “fuck yeah, that’s awesome, that was it.”

When Bri and I decided to visit L.A. to explore and spend time with our amazing friends Michelle (who I met at a shoot and immediately fell in love with) + Mike, I thought about how fun it would be to work with a team down there since L.A. houses some of the best photographers, make-up artists and designers.

Lo and behold, I came across Deanastacia (aka Natasha Wilson) who’s photos left me haunted. I found myself captivated by the colors, the movement, and the emotion. I eventually grew the balls to reach out to her, set a date to co-create and decided upon a doll-inspired theme.

Natasha is real, bold, funny, laid back, light-hearted and really, really good at what she does. She has an eye that’s mysterious, curious and funky. She isn’t afraid to go there — the best kind of quality for an artist — , her aesthetics are off the hook and she tells a story with each capture.

Shooting with her, hanging out with the team (plus the help from our amazing 2-man crew) and getting to wear seriously inspiring clothes by some outrageously talented designers was a dream come true.

Who knew being porcelain could leave me feeling so unbreakable?

An old Hollywood stunner by Michelle Hébert.

The most ethereal wedding gown known to man by Michelle Hébert.

This dress wanted to come home with me. I knew it. // stunner by Candice Cuoco.

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