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Have you ever had that moment where you feel outside of your body, looking in? A kind of witnessing and noticing with a childlike curiosity and intrigue. Only, you’re curious about yourself. You’re intrigued by your inner workings; what makes you tick, what triggers you, why you love the color yellow so much, why you carry grief in your chest.

That’s yoga for me.

Now, Brian has a different story. His started in high school with a joint and the desire to find strength in his body and peace in his breath. What turned into weekly yoga quickly became nightly yoga where he would strip down, calm down, and tune out.

And now we’re here together.

In less than 10 days, Bri and I will begin 200 hour-YTT (yoga teacher training) through our studio here in Olympia. Although our intentions parallel one another (a desire to quiet the mind, release judgement and come home to ourselves in an innate way), they branch off like the veins that run through our bodies or the branches of the moss-covered trees outside our window.


Why We Decided to Do It Together

Like most things that I’ve found feel good, our decision to do yoga teacher training together was the happiest of surprises and one that bloomed organically.

I had been wanting to experience YTT for a couple of years, feeling extremely called to deepening my practice as well as learning something new — about yoga, about myself and about how I show up in the world.

For a while, I was looking at immersive retreats that spanned 2-4 weeks in a tropical place like Bali, but while Bali sounded yummy, I knew myself and the fact that I wanted to absorb this journey with ease and space. The all-day yoga routine, although exceptionally enticing and challenging (I’m always up for a good challenge), didn’t leave the time and cushioning I knew I wanted when entering into this adventure.

I hemmed and hawed on where and who I should learn from; we moved several times, making it hard to really commit to a studio. When we ended up at True Self Yoga in Olympia, it felt right. The owners were kind, caring and passionate about their path. They were funny and laid back, but honorable in the studio they had created and the philosophies that soaked into every element like lavender oil on the skin.

Bri and I quickly started attending weekly, trying flow classes, 90 minute Hatha and our favorite, Yoga Nidra (which includes a 15-20 minute meditation at the end of class).

One day after class, I walked up to the front desk to pay for a mat. I had with me my Core Power Yoga water bottle from San Francisco and the one owner and I started talking. He explained how that’s where he originally learned (but in Portland) and the topic of YTT was now in action. I told him I was interested and looking around when he mentioned that they were opening their doors to training in January 2018. We talked a bit more about details and how to learn more and then left.

When we got home, Brian came up to me with his effervescent softness and told me that if I needed this to be my own adventure, he completely understood, but if not, he would love to join YTT with me.

I couldn’t believe it. My partner and best friend — my past life and present life and future life lover — wanted to step into this expedition with me. I was so happy I could’ve floated away.

We signed up in the following weeks and never looked back.


Why Yoga in General?

As I mentioned before, yoga has become a home to me. I have several homes where parts of me live happily and free. Writing is one of them as well as branding and design, intimate conversation and baking. Yoga is another.

I started yoga when I was in high school, kicking it off with a bang and entering into a hot Vinyasa flow before I knew what I was in store for.

It kicked my ass. I was in love.

I personally love a good ass kicking every so often, but this was different. I was challenged physically; stretching and holding, burning and shaking, dripping sweat and sliding on my mat.

But while that was happening, not one thought ran through my head.

For an over-thinker, sensitive, happily emotional and analytical person as myself, this was pure joy.

And this quietness was different. This wasn’t running away kind of quiet or numbness — this was relief. This was truth. I was able to focus on my body, my breathing, my strength and in return, when that hour was over, I was able to hear my intuition and my true self clearer.

She was so stinkin’ cute. She was innately joyful and excitable, she loved colors and soft fabrics. Cuddling was her favorite. Nature was her guide. Poetry was her friend. And even once the fears and concerns started to arise, they too were softer. They had on pink blush and baby blue berets. They asked me if I wanted tea and to listen to a Beatles record while we talked.

Things seemed to make more sense and I felt more connected with myself and capable of loving my reality no matter the situation.

I knew it would take practice. I knew it wouldn’t always be easy. I knew I’d forget it and make mistakes and have days where I simply could not shift into that mindset. But I also knew that every step I took on this adventure would be worth it. And so I jumped.

What Does This Mean for the Mama Wildling Community?

Oh goodness, this part of our training gets me so excited. Bri and I will be sharing our journey with you here on the blog and through our social media outlets. We’re going to be brutally honest and share the good and the bad — the sore muscles and the mental nirvana.

We also want to share what we learn with our community. This means more stories and posts on Instagram regarding certain poses, sequences or philosophies. More beefed up newsletters and opportunities to hear from you. I’ll also be teaming up with brands that help support us as we trek along and will share with you their story, reviews and overall information.

Lastly, Bri and I want to continue to build a wellness hub. We aren’t entirely sure what this looks like yet, but we’re thinking it includes cooking, nutrition and movement. As we continue to grow this, you’ll be the first to hear about events — both in person and online — retreats and collaborations. We want you there with us every step of the way and are so grateful to be able to share and engage with each and every one of you.

Thank you for your kindness and loyalty. We adore you and can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you at our side.

With a kiss and a downward dog,

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