Tiny House Easter // 2017


Easter was always a time of family + really good food as we grew up. I was just as excited for homemade scalloped potatoes + strawberry rhubarb as I was for the Easter bunny to bring candy in the form of a hunt + playful sentiments.

Easter as an adult looked pretty similar. I spent the day water coloring + writing as Bri spent the day building — each lost in our own little worlds, eventually coming together to grocery shop + discover our holiday tradition.

One of the things I’ve most loved about being married is this exciting new landscape we create. We take things from our lives, combine them, leaving space to dance around freely + let in new ways of being, thinking, and especially during the holidays, new traditions.

I decided to make a strawberry cobbler for our neighbors on the land to show our gratitude for their wisdom and kindness + added some flowers for good measure. What we soon learned by the end of the night was that Strawberry Cobbler would become our new family tradition.

For the last 5 years, anytime after someone has eaten Bri’s cooking, the first words out of their mouth is “Damn, Devon. You are really lucky.”

The truth is, I am. For so many reasons other than just Bri’s cooking, but who would I be if I denied that it’s fucking fantastic being married to a chef? The best part of all is that luck extends out into our world (as our families and friends know well). And watching Bri in all his glory is one of my favorite pastimes of living in our tiny house. The way he moves his mouth when he’s concentrating, or how his hands seem to be dancing in the air — tiny pirouettes — as he sprinkles on herbs. It’s like watching someone you’ve known for years, the most intimate connection you have in your entire life, and seeing them with everything stripped off — bare and delicious and raw. Maybe that’s why people love watching people cook. Because there is nothing more genuine that someone preparing a meal from the heart — instant, digestible love.

And for the opportunity to witness him like that, I know I’m the luckiest girl.

“Move it, Football Head.” And yes, this is our newly built deck!! We couldn’t be more excited. And behind where Bri is standing are our blackberry bushes which will very soon be in bloom. Any takers for blackberry jam?

When we first built our tiny house and decided on a Dutch door (something we’ve loved + dreamed up for years), I always envisioned myself baking treats upon treats with farm to table ingredients and serving them out of our Dutch door. That day came yesterday and made me so, so happy.

I hope you all had an Easter full of family, love, adventure, rest, laughter, sun, play, and some really, really good food. 

With love + meraki,

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