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April was another trade out that resulted in more than something tangible. Upon opening, wearing, and loving her jewelry, I started to learn more about the lovely lady behind the elements she worked with.

All of April’s pieces are handmade + a portion of each sale is donated to aid domestic abuse survivors. The name “April May” is April’s own mantra that “she can” and has when she became her own survivor of domestic abuse.

Being surrounded by thoughtful, genuine people + women aligned with their values and always striving to be their best selves is the reality I yearn to keep creating. Watching people live their truth makes me so jazzed and I’m so grateful to have been able to wear April May pieces — they helped keep me grounded and feel confident throughout filming — and for a nervous nelly like me, that was a gift.

For all you other nervous nellies out there, or if you love April’s work as much as I do, you’re in luck. April May is giving away a set of her stellar pieces! To enter, follow @mamawildling + @aprilmayjewelry and leave a comment about what woman (or women!) in your life inspires you to feel empowered. And because we want you to feel empowered in your choices, you can also shop April May’s jewelry at her site with a discount of $10 off any purchase (use the code “heyamj” at checkout!)

Tune into our Tiny House Nation episode on June 17th, 9 pm EST to see my lucky self-adorned in April May Jewelry and don’t forget to check out her handmade pieces and her empowering message at @aprilmayjewelry + www.aprilmayjewelryco.com/shop

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