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It’s a known fact in our family that I am a crazy candle lady, taking after my mother.

My mama is the queen of really obscure, hard to find candles that smell like cake and make you never want to leave. I was that girl that needed to have several around her dorm room in college when it was “forbidden”. Especially around Christmas— those scents got me every time.

I’m also known in my family as the crunchy granola girl who started her adult life in CA and quickly became fascinated by what we put into our bodies, how many toxins are in things we surround ourselves with every day (such as candles, perhaps) and how we can be more mindful about what we choose to buy and soak in (quite literally).

So when Jerry’s girlfriend Christine (who I went to high school with!) got in touch with me about Jerry’s handmade soy-based candles that are molded in re-purposed glass in Bernardsville NJ, I was ecstatic. Not to mention that Jerry is as sweet as his candles smell.

I wish I could say that we have full candles to share with you, but we don’t. That’s how frequently we burned our Bernardsville Handpoured candles. They were sweet without being overpowering and reminded me of being outside surrounded by fresh air + birchwood (not to mention there were actual pine needles in the wax of one of our candles). As you can see, we still keep the empty candles around because they make for awesome planters.  And as I’m sure you’ve heard John say on the show, “most things in the tiny house must be multi-purposeful.”

I would say our goal to bring the outside in was achieved and we have Bernardsville Handpoured to thank for that.

(scroll to the bottom to learn how to get 20% off your Bernardsville Candle this week only!)

Tune into our Tiny House Nation episode on June 17th, 9pm EST to see more Bernardsville Handpoured + the little house we built for them! To check out the different candles Bernardsville Handpoured offers, check out @bernardsvillehandpoured + www.bernardsvillehandpoured.com (candle shown in images is the smoked birch + champagne green scent) And for this week only, use the code “tinyhouse” at checkout for 20% off!! 

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