Tiny House Nation // Gigi Pip

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I first found Gigi Pip on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their attitude, aesthetic and of course, their hats.

After doing a little digging, I came to realize it was the baby business of inspirational blogger + mama Ginger Parrish of the Parrish Place. I remember thinking how inspiring + badass it is that she took something that brought her joy (wearing hats) + created her own business surrounding that with the love + support of her community and family.

The other cool part about Gigi Pip is their messaging. They encourage all women to embrace the “many hats they wear.” A reminder that we don’t fit into a certain mold and that we have many parts of us that are contradictory and opposites. That’s what makes us multi-faceted. And that’s what should be celebrated. Thanks for the permission to rock out, Gigi Pip.

Tune into our Tiny House Nation episode on June 17th, 9pm EST to see the debut of the Gigi Pip hat in person + make sure to check out their array of gorgeous, high-quality hats at @gigipip + www.gigipip.com.

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