Tiny House Nation // Jessie Cagliero

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If I could be reincarnated, after choosing new + yet old versions of myself, I would like to settle down and come back as a tree (or maybe moss…maybe a mossy tree?)

These pictures Jessie took + created of Bri and I are the closest I will get to that in this lifetime + I could not be happier about it.

Jessie is an extremely sincere, down to earth being and being around her felt familiar. We laughed, talked and played through the photoshoot + didn’t see the end results until we walked into our house for the first time.

My jaw hit the ground when I finally saw them (as I’m sure you’ll notice on TV).

These images are conversation starters + a piece of our favorite spot in CA (Redwood Regional Park) comes with us no matter where we go next.

My goodness, he’s beautiful.

Tune into our Tiny House Nation episode on June 17th, 9pm EST to see Jessie’s art live in action + my reaction upon first seeing them! And make sure to check out Jessie’s amazing work @jessiemariec + www.jessiemariecagliero.com.

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